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Help with health and addiction

“Local” advice centre in Porz

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The facility

“Local” SKM facilities with sites in Kalk (contact and advice centre) and Porz (advice centre) are seen as oriented as social zones and culturally sensitive points of contact for users of illegal drugs and their family members. Porz advice centre focuses particularly on the needs and problems of young people. As part of the advisory centre, the services aim to develop problem-solving strategies and requests for change, new outlooks on life and goals (motivational work) and information about further opportunities to take action.

Brief concept

The use of illegal drugs is often associated with family, school or professional, in some cases, also health and criminal problems. This is why the “local” advice centre offers a comprehensive system of help, which provides adolescents and young adults with support to solve their problems. Individual questions can be answered in one-to-one meetings and targeted help accepted, e.g. referral to outpatient or inpatient treatment. We also offer medium to longer-term and more intensive support, if required.
Among younger users, our work focuses on reinforcing risk competence with handling psycho-active substances and on support to overcome crises and environmentally dependent failures and problem areas.

Our services are aimed at

  • Adolescents and young adults at risk of drug use
  • Dependent users of illegal drugs
  • Drug users from a migrant background
  • Family members (parents, partners)
  • Children from families affected by addiction

Core Services

For adolescents and adults

  • Counselling within the open consultation hours (Tuesday, 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm)
  • Information and advice on every aspect of addiction
  • Telephone advice
  • Crisis and short-term intervention
  • Counselling in Turkish, Spanish and English
  • Treatment preparation and treatment referral
  • Individual support
  • Intensive outpatient support in the areas of accommodation, work, finances, health and social participation (BeWo)
  • Support with official matters
  • Protection from infection, needle exchange, distribution of condoms, information about safer use
  • Psycho-social support for those on substitute medication
  • Streetwork

For family members of adolescents and adults who are at risk of addiction or addicted

  • Comprehensive counselling as part of the open consultation hours for family members
  • Managed self-help group for family members

For children, adolescents and young adults

  • Mob.: Group services in the districts of Kalk and Porz
  • Online counselling and further support


Special services

MIKADO/Standup/Mobilé is aimed at children, adolescents and young adults from families affected by addiction and their family members.

The MIKADO/Standup/Mobilé service encompasses:

  • Ongoing group service for children, adolescents and young adults affected by addiction
  • Counselling and support for children, adolescents and young adults affected by addiction
  • Counselling via WhatsApp and/or Facebook
  • Joint leisure initiatives with children and adults
  • Group services for parents affected by addiction
  • Counselling and support for parents with addiction problems
  • Information and possible referral to further services offering assistance

Further special services:

  • Work with family members
  • Counselling and support in Turkish, Spanish and English
  • BeWo
  • FreD
  • Case management
  • Preventative information events in Turkish and in the Kalk and Porz areas of the city
  • Open consultation hours: Mondays 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm


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“Local” contact and advice centre in Porz

Goethestrasse 7
51143 Cologne Porz
Tel. +49 (0) 22 03 9 55 36 – 44
Fax: Tel. +49 (0) 22 03 9 55 36 – 45

Business hours:
Mon and Thurs 9.30 am to 4.00 pm
Tues and Wed 1.30 pm to 4.00 pm
and by appointment

Open consultation hours:
Tuesdays 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm