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Debt and insolvency counselling

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SKM Cologne’s debt and insolvency counselling supports people facing numerous and overwhelming payment obligations from falling into a financial and personal crisis. With its debt counselling, SKM Cologne supports those affected to secure their personal survival and livelihood and to develop perspectives based around their resources. The aim of counselling is to enable those affected in the long term to accept appropriate help and devise strategies on how to mange the financial resources available. The settlement of existing debts is introduced in the advisory process and adapted to what is possible for those concerned. The debt counselling offered by SKM Cologne has been recognised as an insolvency counselling service since 1998.

Brief concept

The debt counselling service is offered to Cologne’s citizens who find themselves in a difficult psycho-social situation and state of emergency that threatens their existence. If the focus is initially on securing their livelihood, the next step is to settle existing debts. The aim is to create conditions for those affected to allow them an independent and responsible life in terms of how they manage their household budget, taking available resources into account.

As well as measures to secure their livelihood and to settle debts, factors such as trust, time and individual factors are particularly important. During the advisory process, the advisor also acts as helper, mediator or “advocate”, if required. The service is created to be complete and needs-based and tailored. The consultancy includes clarification of objective circumstances, i.e. appraisal of legal and financial situation and a reasonable assessment of individual aspects.

Following the initial contact, the advisory process is broken down into two phases, a clearing phase and a constructive advisory phase. The personal and financial situation of the person seeking counselling is recorded in the clearing phase; initial steps are introduced to secure the livelihood. Concepts are devised and implemented with the parties concerned during the advisory phase, which aim for a long-term rehabilitation and stabilisation of the personal situation.

Core services

The service we offer consists of determining the excessive debt and life situation, personal and social counselling in terms of the individual debt situation.

  • Assistance to maintain a livelihood
  • Household and budget counselling
  • Advice during the rehabilitation process
  • Advice and support during insolvency proceedings
  • Debt counselling for the elderly
  • Support with official matters
  • Psycho-social support
  • Act as mediator for further support offered by the SKM network and other services
  • Online counselling

Special Services

  • Prevention projects for children in the final years at school and vocational schools
  • Gemeinsam GRUNDbilden [learn basic skills together] – basic education project for refugees
  • CurVe II – Basic financial training for adults
  • Training and support by volunteers in the area of prevention and basic education
  • Budget counselling for customers at the jobcentre in Cologne (Centre and Porz)



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Debt and insolvency counselling


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